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Compare between different multilingual WordPress plugins, see what each offers and how much each charges for support.

WPML’s pricing is transparent and there are no hidden costs. When you buy it, you get all features that are included in the account type you purchase. You will not need to buy additional add-on plugins or licenses to activate additional features.

MultilingualPressMultilingual Press Polylang TranslatePress WPML Blog WPML CMS / Agency
Translation Management
  • Translation Management
  • Page builders support
  • Automatic Translation
  • String Translation
  • WooCommerce support
  • Multilingual
  • RTL
  • Translate emails
  • Translation services integrated
  • Own your translations
Page builders support
Automatic translations
String Translation
WooCommerce support
Multilingual SEO
RTL editing
Translate emails
Translation services integrated
1 1 2 70
Own your translations

How many sites?


3 sites
$99 / year
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WPML Agency

Unlimited sites
$199 / year
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* This table summarizes the features of the paid versions of different plugins. Some of these plugins also have free versions, but with significantly limited functionality. Free versions also don’t provide support.

What it means to own your translation

WordPress is all about freedom. Freedom to have a site like you want it. Freedom to use your site for your needs and, of course, freedom to use your own content.

We take it for granted that anything that we produce we also own.

Platforms that host our content for us offer great convenience, but they take away this basic freedom. When you build a site on Wix or Medium, you know that you don’t really own it.

The same happens when all of your site’s translations are done on a third-party site. You can use these translations, but you don’t own them. You may even lose access to your own work if you stop paying the rental.

With WPML, you own 100% of your translations. You need a valid account for updates and support. Your site will continue working and your translations will continue displaying even if you stop paying for WPML.

Why plugins with free versions cost more than paid-only plugins

Freemium is a marketing model. It means that many people use your product for free and some who need “premium features” are glad to pay for them. The authors who follow the freemium model use it as a marketing channel.

Authors need to make a living, so they look for ways to convert free users into paying clients. What’s the best way to do this? Get users “used” to their free products, but keep some essential features only for the paid version.

In theory, authors could limit support and new features only to paying clients. In practice, this is not possible, because the free-version users trade positive reviews for support and features.

So the clients who pay for the premium features end up subsidizing the work that goes towards the free users.

WPML has no free version. This is why WPML costs a lot less than any other plugin for multilingual WordPress.

The benefit of using everything from a single reliable vendor

Some plugin authors don’t have the capacity to take care of all compatibility issues. With thousands of plugins and tens of thousands of themes, that’s understandable.

But people need compatibility between anything and everything. So, a vivid community of “glue plugins” forms around free products. This is great, until it breaks.

WPML’s market size allows it to keep a large team of developers working on compatibility. As a result, WPML boasts compatibility with all major themes and plugins. We maintain this compatibility work, so you never rely on glue plugins that someone else is or isn’t maintaining.