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Articles about Kinsta

Kinsta Spotlight: The Best WordPress Hosting on the Market

"Since we switched to it we’ve never looked back and we can’t recommend them enough."

ShivarWeb: Kinsta Hosting is an amazing option to have in the world of WordPress hosting!

Kinsta Hosting is an amazing option to have in the world of WordPress hosting. They have a fast, simple, solid product in a competitive field.

You’d have to look long and hard to do better than Kinsta!

This platform demonstrates the ability to maintain very respectable speeds and a high percentage of uptime even with websites that use a lot of resources.

HostingCanada: Kinsta is the best consumer WordPress hosting solution on the market today

For those that do need the best consumer WordPress hosting solution on the market, we highly recommend using Kinsta. If you need the fastest speeds, the best uptime, Fort Knox-esque security, and WordPress experts on call, you should use Kinsta.

Kinsta’s WordPress Hosting Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

Whether you are looking to scale your business or just getting started, Kinsta has the tools and experience to take your WordPress site to the next level.

Intuitive dashboard and simple website tuning, eCommerce optimised solution and improved overall performance!

You will hardly find the uptime and loading speed of the same rate in addition to advanced technical support to deal with cyber threat prevention and post cleaning.

Kinsta is the hosting provider for anyone who doesn’t want to deal with issues non-stop

"If you are running a business that you plan to grow, then Kinsta is a professional and unique web hosting provider that you absolutely need. Their service is excellent and reliable and you are guaranteed to be more than satisfied with the results."

Technumero: If You Are Looking for The Best Managed WordPress Hosting, Then Kinsta Is All You Need

It has an amazing dashboard that will always keep you connected with your website and they offer one of the best customer support out there.

CompeteThemes: After trying out their platform I have to say I’m impressed!

It was not my goal to provide a recommendation for Kinsta or put a positive spin on this review, but after trying out their platform I have to say I’m impressed.

How Hosting with Kinsta Boosts Website Performance

Kinsta offers next-level hosting solutions that will boost your website performance while providing service levels unmatched in the industry.

Why Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting Is Great For Everyone – MakeUseOf

Kinsta’s managed WordPress hosting is a great opportunity for you to level up and take your existing website to the next level. It’s an opportunity you should seriously consider.

Kinsta nails the three s’s of hosting; speed, security and support

Kinsta is an exceptional managed WordPress hosting solution that has everything you need to run a fast loading and secure WordPress website.