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WP Rocket

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin for WordPress, recognized as the most powerful caching tool by WordPress experts.

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We’ve aimed at making the most user-friendly caching plugin around, with the easiest setup. WP Rocket caching ensures your website will load blazing fast, which is essential to improve SEO rankings and increase conversions.

And the good news is that, unlike many other caching plugins, you don’t have to be a scientist to launch this rocket!

Power And Speed At Their Highest

When you activate WP Rocket, we immediately apply the most commonly recommended performance optimizations.

This means that, upon its activation, your website will instantly benefit from:

  • Static cache for desktop and mobile that is the static HTML version of your content;
  • Browser caching (on Apache, if available on the server): this stores certain types of files on your visitors’ local computer;
  • GZIP compression (on Apache, if available on the server): this is the technique that compresses the files sent from your server to your visitors’ browser;
  • Cross-Origin support for web fonts (on Apache);
  • Detection and support of various third-party plugins, themes, and hosting environments;
  • Combination of inline and 3rd party scripts;
  • WooCommerce Refresh Cart Fragments Cache.

We take care of these automatically! You don’t have to do anything to make your site faster, apart from enjoying the improvements in loading time and better GTMetrix and PageSpeed scores!

Stuck With an Issue? Our Rocketeers Are Ready to Help!

One of the other reasons why people fall in love with WP Rocket is our fantastic support service. Our Rocketeers are amazing, friendly people that love web performance and helping others.

They know WP Rocket by heart and will be there for you, ready to answer any questions or fix issues with our plugin.