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aThemes Shrunk Page Load Times from 2.26s down to 0.836s Simply by Switching to Kinsta


aThemes is one of the most popular WordPress theme providers. Currently they have numerous free and premium high quality themes on their website.

The Problem

They got a huge amount of traffic but were regularly encountering performance issues.

They had more than 400,000 page views monthly and regularly struggled both with downtimes and performance issues at their previous host. This was costing them time by having to go in and fix these issues on their own, and it was costing them money in lost sales due to the interruptions.

The Solution

After researching every host and reading tons of reviews they decided on Kinsta.

They did extensive research on the hosting market and decided Kinsta stood out from the rest with our best-in-class managed WordPress hosting and unmatched customer support.

The Result

They migrated their site to Kinsta and instantly decreased their page load times by 63%.

“Kinsta took care of the entire migration for me, which I was very grateful for. The migration went very smoothly and once it was done I was surprised at how fast the site was. I had never seen the site load as quickly as it did with Kinsta. After testing, I’m pleased to report that my site is now faster than the vast majority of sites.” says the owner of aThemes.

We’re a big fan of aThemes and they feel the same way after the switch to Kinsta decreased their page load times from 2.26s down to 0.836s. This 63% decrease in page load times has helped aThemes stay at the top of a very competitive WordPress theme provider market.

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